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Welcome! This space provides information and resources about Mental Health, relationships, and joyful connection: BRAINS, LOVE, PLAY

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for Play Therapy

I believe that play is a child's language and toys are their words. 

I believe in the power of relationship and connection. 

I believe in cooperation rather than compliance.

I believe in the power of Time-In and sitting with our emotions.

I believe there are no negative emotions.

I believe that children always want to do the best they can, and, when things get in the way, we can work to clear their path.

I believe behavior is communication and not always a choice. 

I believe in the wisdom of our bodies.

I believe parent(s) are the experts on their children and fundamental leader(s) in the process.



I'm Saralicia Hernandez. I am originally from Mexico City and speak English and Spanish fluently. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, Child Development Specialist, and hold a Certificate in Child Centered Play Therapy. I am also certified in Trauma and participated in a Medical Family Therapy intensive training. 

I use a Neurorelational approach that informs my practice, which is grounded in the understanding that our relationships and experiences shape our brain, are stored in our bodies, and will continue to influence the way in which we relate to others and the world.



Rochester, NY

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