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The Brains Love Play Approach

Updated: May 8, 2020

I'd like to start by telling you about the Brains Love Play approach and why the combination of these three components works. In our first years of life, we create a map of our world through our experiences and our relationships (attachment) with our caregivers. If our relationships are safe and secure, our maps will be too, and we will be able to explore our world with confidence.

This also relates to our Autonomous System and its responses: Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Faint. You can think of it in terms of colors. *Green is calm, receptive, the *Social Engagement Zone. *Yellow is a state of alert where danger is perceived and the individual is in Fight or Flight mode. *Red is a state of Freeze or Faint due to a perceived life threat. No social engagement can happen in either the Yellow or Red zones.

So how does all this come together? Play keeps you in the Green Zone and allows you to relate to others. It also boosts Neurodevelopment. 

Now, let's embark together on this fun and meaningful adventure of increasing your connection with your child through play while also boosting neurodevelopment :)


*Based on Porges' Polyvagal Theory

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